The Reliant Roofing Difference


The biggest investment a person will make in their life is their home...not their house, but their home. 

We believe that your "home" is protected by your house and the roof above it. Reliant Roofing knows how important your home and house are to you and your family, and we make sure your roofing solution is handled right.   


We're here for you....

Not only do the products we carry have manufacture's warranty, but Reliant Roofing keeps it's promise to take care of you by offering a workmanship warranty. 

It's like we were never here.....

While it's true removing roofing materials creates a lot of debris, you'll never find any when we are done. Reliant Roofing crews lay protective tarps over your shrubbery and gardens while removing material. Then we "police" the area to make sure there are no stray materials.

We'll fight mother nature off....

If tree falls on your roof, we'll get the opening secure temporarily to protect your home, till you're ready to repair it.